eZWay Promotions

EZ WAY PROMOTIONS is your one stop shop for advertising, web outreaching, social media, podcast radio promotions, tv promotions, public relations, print promotions, SEO and much more… We have a 8 year track record of success. We go beyond branding and marketing, reaching up to 300,000,000 homes and mobile phones.

Ezway wall of fame

Digital interaction social directory with celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs and more. Think of a digital Hollywood Walk of Fame for the business and entertainment world. The eZWay Wall helps you to build that EPK you need to pitch yourself in less then 1 minute to convert your customer into a sale.

eZWay Apps

eZWay Apps is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services. We specialize in Websites, Apps, Video Sizzles/commercials, We build Metaverses, NFT’s and event your own crypto currency coin.

eZWay TV

eZWay.TV was born about 15 years ago really when the WhatuneedTV Youtube Channel was created in 2006 to help its subscribers to learn what they need to know to succeed their different lifestyle and business goals. After accumulating coverage of hundreds of a list celebrities, events and interviews, being in-house media for Akon’s Convict Muzik 10,000 subscribers and 13,5000,000 views the eZWay TV World Wide youtube channel was created.

eZWay Magazine

eZWay Magazine helps to connect our readers to their dreams, goals and gives them a little extra boost towards their success. eZWay Magazine is an International magazine but is mainly based in Los Angeles & Orange County. You can purchase eZWay Magazine and subscribe on our website eZWayMagazine.com

eZWay Events

The best go to place for eZWay Events. We have produced well over 800 red carpet events and hundreds of digital events. We’re excited about our new metaverse and we are currently building our virtual event center. Our largest event production going on its 3rd year is our eZWay Awards Golden Gala. EZWAYAWARDS.COM

Eric Zuley

Eric Zuley is recognized as a award winning top ten social media influencer in the world a Multimedia Marketing Mogul that has mastered the art of monetizing media. He created the nationally and internationally recognized movement #eZWay endorsed by over 500 celebrities, influencers, and CEO’s.

eZWay Awards

The eZWay Awards Golden Gala is an annual virtual awards show with God’s Golden Carpet. We were the first awards show ever to produce and launch the first ever all virtual Golden Carpet. We had people from all over the world on this carpet. We also help legends create legacy’s by giving them awards.