The Benev Team

Written by: Holly Davidson

We are honored to be able to show our clients a sneak peak into The Hollywood Weekly and EZ Way Broadcasting third annual  Grammy gifting suites in Los Angeles  on Saturday February 13th. This star studded event included Grammy Nominees, Artist, Producers, Stars not only celebrating music.  Stars came out to walk the red carpet and celebrate and praise the success of the grammy Nominees. Actors, comedians, from  HBO, Showtime, and other  Network television graced us with there presence, best selling Authors , Super models and even Disney and Nickelodeon  stars were also out and about mingling. The talk of the night was the sophisticated Benev Skin Line. BENEV has been the Celebrity best kept secret. BENEV is how the celebrities  maintain a look of glowing youth.  BENEV gifted over two hundred gift bags and was  the highlight and talk of the whole event. BENEV is sold exclusively at surgeons offices, used by dermatologists, estheticians around the globe. The product works but it’s is not just another or ordinary  skin line. BENEV is a progressive  skin science made for all ethnicities.  Backed by doctors and surgeons world wide.

To learn more about the skin science or doctors in your area  please visit benev on line  or
We congratulate all the grammy Nominees and look forward to watching the 58th annual Grammy event tonight.
Till next time Hollywood Weekly and EZ Way continue to succeed in prestigious  events bringing to the public the secrets of the stars and news about entertainment first.


Laci Kay (Modern Family)
The professor
Tony Valor
Tony Valor (Billboard Music Artist)
Grammy Nominee
Mary Desmond
Mary Desmond American idol





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