Beyond The Secret The Awakening Movie Premiere

Jeffery Levine executive producer of the Beyond The Secret The Awakening Movie


SUBSCRIBE and coverage of Beyond the Secret – The Awakening, red carpet interviews by Brenton Tyler Hoffmann. This movie has been called the most anticipated sequel of all time! Thirteen years after “The Secret” aka the Law of Attraction was released to the world. Fans and thought leaders have been waiting for this sequel. Beyond the Secret actually shows you in detail how to use the Law of Attraction and explains why it seems NOT to work for some people. Hollywood, CA – The premiere of “Beyond the Secret – The Awakening” brings global thought leaders together to dig deeper into the Law of Attraction at Universal Studios on Thursday, January 23rd. Thirteen years after the Law of Attraction was released to the world, Beyond the Secret journeys deeper into the law that attracts thoughts, ideas, people and opportunities to anyone that knows how to use it. The red carpet event offers the media the chance to meet with the producers, directors, and cast. Beyond The Secret – The Awakening Movie Premiere Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020 at Universal Studios Hollywood Hollywood Red Carpet Movie Premiere 6:00pm AMC Theater – Universal City Walk Hollywood. Beyond the Secret is produced by Don and Melinda Boyer, BTSTA producer Travis Fox and Jeffery Levine with Hollywood Effect Production. Directed by Fabio Gonzalez and Isoko Agurrie. The stars in the film include Denis Waitley, Carl Harvey, Dr. Paul Scheele, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, David Meltzer, Marie Diamond, Hanna Horenstein, Dr Theresa Dale, Douglas Vermeeren, Bill Walsh, EP Jeffery Levine, Levan Wood and Don and Melinda Boyer. Red Carpet media, pr provided by


Dr. Joe Vitale

Jeffery Levine

Dr. Paul Scheele

Dr. Theresa Dale

John Sachtouras

Doug Vermeeren


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