I am an actress/model and I grew up in Los Angeles, California in the Hollywood Hills.
I eventually moved from the city, and ended up graduating from West Ranch High in Santa Clarita. After high school I decided to travel around the world out of curiouisity, and ended up living in Australia for a year.
In that time I gained citizenship. I had quite an adventure over there, but I knew it was not going to be my home forever. During my time in Australia I ended up studying film intensely at a few different places such as NIda, and the actors center. After my year of living down under, I decided to come back to LA.
The place where I can call home! There are still may places I would like to venture off to at some point, but LA is my base! My goal in life is to go forward and keep working as a successful actress! I have wanted to act since I was a little girl. It has always been my dream, and It’s actually coming true! Some of my recent films were Don Peyote, directed by Dan Fogler, and Within The Darkness Directed by Johnathan Zuck..

My next film is going to be a western called Outlaws and Angels, which will be shooting in August, 2015. It is directed by JT Mollner, and Produced by Rosanne Korenberg. I’m very excited, and I truly feel blessed that I am able to do what I love! Besides film being my life long dream, I have done some modeling to. I won Miss. Photogenic for the MIss. SCV Pageant in Santa Clarita, and from there I was recruited to the MIss. California pageant. After that I did a few more pageants and started to freelance as a model. I love to be active in any way I can.

I have been an equestrian rider since the age of 2 years. I use to ride with the California Rangers and Sunset Equestrian team, where we competed with others. . I even had my own horse for many years, until I moved to Australia. I also love to run, and play basketball among many other sports.
That’s all Iv got for now : Much Love to you all 🙂


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