I Dr Dante Sears TV Host, Producer, Philanthropic Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Sales Strategist. She is a 9x’s certified Metaphysical Doctor and a Doctor of Divinity, Master of Clinical Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Trauma Release, and NLP. Her mission is to heal the world through entertainment and media.

Danté is a host and producer of “EZ Talk Live” (KXLA TV), “OMG Dante!” (Amazon Fire) and “Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears” (eZWayTV). She is the founder of World Cure Foundation, World Prosperity Network, DVISION, and the director for eZWay Health and Revisalife. Dr. Sears specializes in reversing terminal, genetic, and incurable diseases with the mind through conversation. Her 3 step process, Dante’s Intervention has helped thousands heal from Cancer, Heart Disease, Lupus, dysplasia, migraines, depression, and more. Sears is in current development of technologies to reverse, “cure”, and prevent disease, as well as creating sustainable housing for the homeless and disenfranchised.

Descending from the SEARS & ROEBUCK Family, she embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the Sears Family of entrepreneurs, doctors, and entertainers.

At age 25 she became a self-made millionaire, selling real estate and imported goods from 5 continents and 17 countries. Crowned the “Queen of Broadcast Media” by Queen of Asia Pacific Pageant and honored with the “Community Santa Hero Award” from eZWay Cares in 2016. Best known for her appearance on “Judge Alex”, Dante modeled on the bottles of Big Sexy Hair Products, and appeared in roles on MTV, SiTV, CW Network, FoTV, as well as covered by ABC and NBC News.

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