Dr. Dante Sears

Forces Within us are the true healers of disease


Dante’s Intervention is a center for Personal Empowerment, Spontaneous Healing, and the Implementation of Neuro-Success-Patterns.

Founder, Dante Sears Geyer, is a Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Holistic Business Consultant that is passionate about helping others heal, succeed, and thrive within their purpose.

Dante’s holistic coaching and hypnotherapy sessions are Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), which is a natural medicine practice for that mind and body that signals the brain to engage the body’s natural healing process by releasing positive neuropeptide compounds, whose affects are more powerfully effective and far-reaching than any pharmaceutical drugs on the planet. These compounds restore the mind and body’s natural balance, resulting in drastically improved health, mental outlook, and behavior.


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