3 is Enough is an organization that is committed to helping you accomplish your goals, building your dreams and ambitions by helping you discover you.

You, the person you were uniquely designed to be from the beginning of time, but for some reason, you charted off course or maybe someone told you, you’d never be able to do what you know you were designed to do.

Through one on one spiritual advisement, or mentorship/leader development, or through conferences/seminars, 3 is Enough encourages you to connect to your source of strength the One True God, the I Am that I AM to help you accomplish and overcome life’s challenges.

3 is Enough is designed for everyone. Edie Darling’s unique approach teaches you to love yourself and others beyond boarders, to help you see yourself as God see’s you, through the eyes of love.

If you are wanting to unearth your innate gifts and talents, look no further, 3 is Enough is all you need.

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