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Born in Lakewood, California, Summer Helene moved to Australia when she was just six weeks old. While Helene was born into the entertainment industry as the daughter of the world renowned dancer Patty H. Morris and niece of acclaimed musician John Morris, her career officially began when she was chosen as a Victoria Secret Model at just 17 years of age.
After a short but, very successful modeling career, Helene changed gears and easily made the often difficult transition into feature films and television. While on the set of ‘Slaughter Party’ Actor Ron Jeremy persuaded her to give up a successful film career and get into the film ‘business’. One week later Helene was an assistant to a producer and on her way to a Hollywood fixture. Summer Helene’s tenacity, demeanor and her uncompromising style earned her the nickname “The Duchess of Hollywood”. “The Duchess,” is known for her ability to ‘get any film made, make any film profitable and turn any film company around’.
Summer Helene is often asked to share her experiences in Hollywood on television and radio shows, as well as on panels at Comicon and most major film festivals. In 2014, Helene was asked to host the international radio show “Behind the Scenes” an insiders guide to Hollywood, recorded live with over a million listeners the show is helping outsiders become Hollywood insiders!


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