Who is Eric Zuley?

Eric Zuley is the Founder and CEO of and is known as the Influencer Whisperer with a reach of 100,000,000 worldwide. Hollywood Weekly recently honored him as the 2017 Digital Trail Blazer. Several media publications have published him as one of the top ten social media influencers in the world. Not only has Eric been honored by Congress, numerous charity organizations, the city and county of LA, Eric has honored deserving individuals like Larry Namer who was the Co-Founder of E! Dame Shellie Hunt Founder of Woman of global change, Steve Resnik a Music Legend and recently Frank Shankwitz the co-creator of Make A Wish Foundation.

In addition, he also has his own globally known radio talk show on Voice America, TV Talk Show on Actors Entertainment, board member with Speakers Coalition, and has acted in over seven movies and in a eight time Emmy award TV series. EZ’s show airs on channel 6 and channel 40 in Los Angeles his Live Stream Talk Show eZ Talk Live airs live on Facebook, then gets sent to editing which turns the show into Blind Date meets Dish Nation. This show airs 5 times a week on KMRZ Channel 6.5, over 27 network on the Google Play and Apple Store downloadable app TV TO GO. Most of the casino screens, 10 set top boxes and 5 channels on Roku, Apple and Amazon Fire TV. What does this mean? If you are a guest on EZ’s show then your brand will be globally known to a reach of 500,000,000 164 countries!
His brand eZWay is globally known all over the world. They have helped 100’s of charities raise funds and awareness for their cause through his eZWay Cares program. His marketing firm has worked with the Vice President of Wells Fargo Advisors, Lamborghini Champagne, David Hasselhoff’s wife, Dominos Pizza, hundreds of a list celebrities, CEOs, and produced over 500 red carpet events. Recently Mr. Zuley was brought on as the Chief Marketing Officer for iLaunch Global Evander Holyfield’s families TV Network. With the combined efforts of eZWay Network and iLaunch this platform reaches 500,000,000 people and 164 countries. Eric is a A list level digital consultant that specializes in brand and success positioning. His marking firm eZWay Promotions has helped build the success for Americas Got Talent, American Cancer Society, Millions of milkshakes,, numerous actors, business and bank executives as well as non-profits. Magazines have called him the “DIGITAL DICK CLARK” & THE “MARKETING GOLDEN GOOSE”
Eric Zuley is the founder of a zero tolerance for bullying social network similar to facebook mixed with a little twitter. He also recently launch which is like YouTube only done the eZWay. What is unique about these two platforms is eZWay Access helps you gain access to the best of the best and you never have to look over your shoulder when doing business. eZWayTube is a opportunity portable to get you content on mainstream tv and global distribution. 
The former vice president of Warner Bros/CW John Matta said he wanted to be like Eric Z. The Co-Founder of E! Larry Namer said “Your helping to change the media world” The former director of the Golden Globe Awards said you need to check out Eric‘s Sites! Attorney Gloria Allred say’s “I’m doing Hollywood The eZWay” The vice president of Wells Fargo Advisors recommends Eric‘s company eZWay Promotions services, the chairman of CEO Space a #1 Forbes and INC Magazine company says Eric has gotten us so much business! it goes on and on. Eric Zuley has truly built a digital empire and family for good people & like minded leaders to come together to make a difference!

Should you be interested in boosting your business the eZWay 

Eric Zuley will be speaking on the how to acquire sponsorships for your business, media platform or event. 


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