TODAY 1-3 pm pst live on @EZ TALK LIVE FB 05-26-2018 on this memorial day weekend we have two special ladies as our guests!

Two amazing women! Our 1st guest is Shea Vaughn founder of Womens Broadcast Television Network and creator of Shea Vaughn – SheaNetics this wonderful woman also happens to be the mother to actor Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers and a million other movies! Who is our 2nd guest? Wow this one is a special one. Who believes in Prophets? I do. Well if you tune in tomorrow you will be digitally shaking hands with one. Just listen to this woman speak.  Meri Crouley Ministries

If you have a EzWay Access account and you want to be on the show and hang with our awesome guests and hosts Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Official Fan Page & Danté Sears we would love to have you! Or call into 866-472-5788 1-3 pm pst This only heard and watched via VoiceAmerica VarietyVoiceAmerica Influencers Ezway Network EZ WAY TV ILaunchGlobal#ilaunchezway #voiceamerica #ericzuley #dantesears #wpn#worldprosperitynetwork

THIS SHOW BROUGHT TO YOU BY Tylers Coffee Get 20% off any purchase with promo code #ezway


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