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Amazing show hosed by @EricZuley co-hosted by @DrEstella

Guests included TV Personalities Celebrity fashion designer @PolAtteu & Celebrity Agent @PatrikSimpson as seen on E! Bravo, Lifetime, they who were also Anna Nicole Smith best friends. The interview consists of sexy conversations Patrik talks about how he had phone sex with Anna. They also talk about how they first met, and some insides on the new book they are authors of “Portrait of an Icon” Which holds all the exclusive secrets about Anna. The show also includes a free #GoodPizzaParty by www.TheGoodPizza.com  Listeners of the eZTalkLive show can win a free pizza party by tweeting #goodpizzaparty to @ezwaybroadcast. Eric also helps to promote his fans for free! with a segment called “Power Promo” Fans are hand picked from Social Media and they are allowed to call in and promote themselves or their business Free! Eric Zuley has a verified account on twitter with over 180 k followers and was recently published as  #7 of the Top Ten most influential on twitter.

Power Promo session fans included: @faithyj143 Who is a 16 year old entrepreneur who wrote her own book and is a IPTV host of her own show Faithy J Entertainment.

FaithyJ is the 16 year old CEO of an educational company called TeenTrep.co. The world’s first, largest and only TEEN business and social club for kids 7-19. TeenTrep.co provides online courses, top notch Mentors, and educational training to teach the skills needed yo build your dream. FaithyJ also has a new book coming out in December called “It’s Never Too Early to Start,” and that’s on presale right now!

The second Power Promo guest was Carmelita Pittman. Carmelita tells about 2 events she is passionate about. One particular one that stood out was the 1000, 100 Women in white, Men in Black Peace March.




anna 's 37th bday

Tune in!


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