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Bob Gilpatrick is the President and Co-Founder of Boomers Forever Young, an
Anti-Aging and Nutrition Company.

Bob has 20 years of experience as a Holistic Health Therapist and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Heart Centered Therapist.

Bob assists his clients with advanced nutritional interventions and therapeutic techniques ranging from EFT and Bioenergetic  Therapy to Cranio Sacral Therapy for the Immune System.

Bob works in cooperation with Physicians and other health practitioners and scientists to provide comprehensive support for his clients.

Bob is known for explaining in a simple way, aspects of aging and illness that
are rarely discussed.
Bob provides information on revolutionary new products that provide profound results.

His previous experience includes being a Corporate CEO in the Health Care Field, and founding a Business Brokerage Firm in New York.

“I have appeared as an Expert Guest over 200 times on multiple radio shows and podcasts, and have been featured on ABC Nightly News and am a regular weekly guest on Truth Frequency Radio & The Blessed Ideas Group”

Bob can be reached through his website or at 727-443-2500

Antar Jannah is the Silicone Valley bank robber who became a prison chaplain who helped famous gang leaders become successful properious business people.  Antar during his prison experience  had an awakening,  he came in contact with his higher consciousness and became a student of meta physics and universal truth systems which gave him the power to create an unbelievable life that has touched thousands of people.

a’Ali DeSousa defies the odds of a life that began as a malnourished child suffering from rickets and orphaned in the foster care system. Until the age of twelve he endured brutal beatings from his biological mother on forced state visits. One in which she gashed his head nearly costing him his sight with the butt of a rifle. Against those odds the quintessential renaissance creative consciousness  and soul that is a’Ali DeSousa emerged.

A’Ali presently graces both sides of the lens with authenticity, poignant and impacting storytelling. An award winning actor,independent filmmaker  and author DeSousa provocatively ask us to look at our stories as humans in a way we are unaccustomed.

The same empathy and evocative expressions shine forth from a’Ali’s art.  A truly gifted being, DeSousa’s images go beyond a thousand words. They reek with story that provokes our consciousness and touches our souls.






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