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Jan. 23rd 2016 eZWay Broadcasting held the official release of the eZWayMobile.com & Magazine. The release was held in the Samsung building in Orange County California. Performances were done by Laci Kay Award Winning Pop Artist, Mary Desmond American Idol personality & YouTube/Periscope Sensation & Faithy J 16 year old TeenTrep CEO, Performer & Book Author. Speakers included Reatha Grey from Betty Whites Off Their Rockers, Dame Lillian Walker, Moe Rock Founder Fortune Gazette, James Zuley Founder of HopeTour.org & eZWay Magazine cover Shellie Hunt. This event had amazing networking and the guest were accompanied by Queen Of Asia Pacific beautiful ambassadors compliments of Lissa Pacheco Chow. All new guests and current eZWay Access members left smiling. Big thank you to our sponsors MANNY’s APPS, DJ JUAN G, GRIPDAT Wireless selfie stick, Media coverage by: Sheri Determan, Av Entertainment Live, Faithy J Entertainment #EZWAY #TEAMEZWAY Download the http://ezwaymobile.com/ app to enjoy more from this event.


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‘It’s not who you know-IT’S WHO KNOWS YOU?’ Networking, Networking, Networking 

Written by: Jesse Torrero Host of the  ‘Jesse T’ Show’ on FBLIVE https://www.facebook.com/JesseTorrero www.aventertainmentlive.com  AVTV LIVE!

eZWay Network Affiliate/Journalist

It happened on the 7th floor of a tall skyscraper Saturday Night, in Orange County. The EVENT long waited for, put together over thousands of hours of hard work by Eric Zuley CEO of EZWAY Broadcasting and his team. Eric ranked in the Top Ten influential of twitter in the world, and is verified. This event celebrated the Release and Premier of EZWAY Mobile App & Magazine. Many showed up, where were you? A new age in networking. Where #ezwayaccess and the EZWAY App brings high value big time NETWORKING to your door step. An impressive group of the very best from print, media, entertainment,real estate, philanthropists, authors, technology, like mined professionals celebrated the first of many EZWAY members only events. It is the creation for members only, to join other very successful people to build relationships of quality. Like Eric Zuley say’s do not do it the hard way, but do it the EZWAY. Check out what you missed, and do not miss another one.

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