A Former Marine, Fred Smith is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed sales process and sales management expert. He’s helped corporate and multinational companies from $1 to $12 billion establish new business, training and sales systems for field travelers, consultants and new business acquisition specialists. An avid business builder, leader, and entrepreneur, Fred has mentored business owners, C-Suite executive leadership and senior staff; and driven bottom-line profits for owners, entrepreneurs, practitioners, trusted advisors and on demystifying topics such as: How to INCREASE your sales and closing percentage with MAXIMUM leverage, profit and credibility… Why FEAR of chargebacks, cancellations or creating a poor business image are hurting your business… and how to start closing 4-Figure to 7-Figure deals with ease… A PROVEN 4-step system for generating larger gross profits and making more money in less time…you will NEVER feel like a slimey used car salesman again… How to CONSISTENTLY handle objections before they arise and quickly move prospects through the sales cycle… How to take the stress out of closing sales by reframing their perception of you and your offer…build value and effectively close deals so you can become their trusted advisor and friend… How to shatter sales resistance, eliminate sales pressure and manipulation; all while closing your sales cycles faster, making more money and getting better results for your clients… AND…How to do ALL of this without pressure, pain, tension, guilt, arm twisting, discomfort, or any of the “salesy” stuff you don’t really want to do! Let’s scale your business fast! When you’re serious about getting results, discover for yourself today the power of leadership, sales and marketing excellence.


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