Experience The Feeling of Flight.

The Hoverboard is the most thrilling imaginable form of personal transportation. Our unique self-balancing system uses ground contacting sonar to float the rider over every contour.

What Makes The Hoverboard So Awesome?

The Hoverboard is a Tesla, compressed down to scooter-size.  We’ve designed the components that deliver the MOST POWER of any comparable PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle), unprecedented Range/Weight, Power/Weight and Power/Volume ratios.

Intuitive Controls


The Drive Unit

At the center of the Hoverboard is the “Drive Unit”. This removable module that contains the Direct-Drive, Industrial Class BLDC (Brushless Direct-Current) servomotor, bearings and position sensors. The Drive Unit is where most of the manufactured cost are concentrated. The drive unit is “Smart”, with a small micro-controller embedded to store all of it’s unique characteristics and present those to the Motor Control Unit. With this arrangement, Drive Units are simply interchangeable without any “tuning” or other calibration necessary – just swap and go. It is possible that in the future, there will be alternative Drive Units with different power levels or operating characteristics.

Hover Script 

The Hoverboard is designed to be personalized. Custom program all aspects of your Hoverboard Experience, less only those directly related to safety.

Connected Security 

If your Hoverboard gets lost or stolen, report it to us and we can make sure no thief will benefit.

Future Proofed 

Just because you were bold enough to get the first run doesn’t mean your Hoverboard will be obsolete when the next generation comes out. We designed the Hoverboard to be modular so you can EASILY upgrade parts on your own and always keep it current.

User Serviceable 

We designed the Hoverboard so you can take apart the components and put them back easily. You don’t have to send it back to replace the basics like tires or new LCD screen. Just order the part and install it with a screwdriver. Gash your board? No problem, just buy a new shell and switch it out yourself.

User Enhanceable 

Not only can you maintain your own Hoverboard – you can improve it! Whether it is by custom programming, or installing new and improved batteries – YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Mobile App Dashboard 

Your Smartphone is your window into the Hoverboard, and the app is designed to fully access the countless features the Hoverboard offers. These are just some of the things you can control with the App:

  • Activate your Hoverboard
  • Check charge level and battery health
  • Set Speed Limit (for each setup user)
  • Lock your Hoverboard
  • Log riding data, max-speed, avg-speed, distance traveled, etc.
  • Protect your Hoverboard from theft
  • Customize the lighting
  • Customize the LED Bar Graphs
  • Play Music and customize sound

The World Is A Buzz!

Fellow Inventors, Innovators, and Visionaries… We Need Your Help.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into making the Hoverboard everything it can possibly be. To do that, virtually every metal and plastic component in the design is FULLY-CUSTOM. That means the tooling burden on us is enormous. We have dozens of molds and dies to pay for before we will get the manufactured unit-cost to below our sales price. All-up, the cost will be about $1M. If the community is passionate enough about the Hoverboard to meet us half-way, we are ready to match that and START STAMPING THESE THINGS OUT!

Is there a market for the TESLA of Personal Electric Vehicles? Please buy one right now, right here, and shout YES!


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