Who is Eric Zuley

Eric Zuley is a successful American entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “EZ Way” Broadcasting, a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. The “EZ Way” subsidiary brands include: EZWay Events, EZWay Promotions, eZWay Access, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, EZWay Cares. EZWay Broadcasting, EZWay Promotions, and EZWay Mobile.

Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia marketing mogul, he has built a social media empire and house-hold brand online. According to Actors Reporter, Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide and was named “Digital Trail Blazer” by Hollywood Weekly Magazine. His cover on Hollywood Weekly Magazine was the highest selling cover of all time. He’s also been seen on the cover of Influential People Magazine, as well as on Fox, ABC 7, E!, and EXTRA.


He has appeared on over 50 other stages and in 2014, he was recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist. After having an awsrd named after him by the MMPA supported by the city of la he has honored people like Frank Shankwitz creator of Make A Wish, Larry Namer Co-Founder of E! and serval others. In 2018 he received the Freedom Award for Dedicationt Ending Human Traffiking and in 2019 he was given the Abassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation which reaches 176 countries.
Eric has appeared and performed on over 100 stages like the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, San Diego Convention Center, Business Expo Center more then 10 recognizable hotels and much more. He has helped book over 100 of his celebrity influencers on stages through his eZWay Wall of Fame. Eric has even had his own billboard on Time Square.
Through his company eZWay Promotions Eric has produced over 350 red carpet events and covered and calibrated with thousands all this content can be viewed on his Youtube, Apple, Amazon and Roku channels. Eric is an expert on acquiring sponsors and advertisers through affiliate marketing, he currently has over 200 members, 100 affiliates and sponsors for his network. He’s taken companies from 6 to 7 figures, he’s worked with American Cancer Society, America’s Got Talent, Lamborghini Champagne, Domino’s Pizza, numerous a list celebrities, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs. Eric offers the ultimate 1 stop shop solution for list building and sales automation called eZWayFunnels.com which is hopeful to have 1 million plus users by 2020.
This year, Eric will be presenting at the 2019 Family Film Awards as well as launching his newest venture The eZWay Cares Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering influencers to influence their following to give back. Eric is on the path to helping those charities who help children, veterans and those with illnesses become more profitable creating a change. He has also joined forces with NFL hall of fame inductee Tim Brown, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smart giving Visa Debit Card.

Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue.


What is eZWay Network
A b2b family oriented movement that has been a leader in the multimedia and influencer space. eZWay Network has numerous divisions that helps with the overall marketing and promotions the firm does.


1. Promotions PR Social Media & Marketing – Helped over 25 businesses and 30 talents, 10 major campaigns
2. Non-Profit fundraising – Helped raise over 18,000,000 for charity
3. Development and Branding
4. TV & Magazine / Media 15,000,000 viewers
5. Events – Produced over 400 events
6. Consulting – We consult some of the top names in the world
7. Influencer acceleration
eZWayNetwork.com is the hub of the eZWay empire. Events, Gold Carpets, Charity, TV, Radio, Magazines, Promotions, Membership rewards, eZWay Wall of Fame Influencers and more… Download our Android and IOS accessible mobile application ezway members app fo direct mobile access.


TV – Our TV Network consists of over 100 OTT TV channels on AppleTV, Amazon Fire and Roku, Reaching over 15,000,000 connections and we distributed on DirectTV, Comcast, Voice America, Women On TV, ON Channel, FAN TV. eZWay Network TV can build you your own OTT Channel, as well as give you airtime for your own TV show.

Charity – eZWay Cares empowers other non-profits related to Illness, Veterans, and youth based programs. We use our multimedia strength, reach and relationship equity to help raise funding and awareness.


Promotions & Marketing – Our promotional and marketing agency eZWay Promotions is your best cost effective solution to gain more followers, expand your brand credibility, online status and klout. Through our influencer relationships, social media following of 500,000 or more, email database of 50,000 + text system with 5000 subscribers, venue relationships, TV, Podcast radio, magazines, stages and PR recourses, like Bennett Unlimited PR we can help any brand or individual we chose to work with.


Book creation and publishing – Through our partner New Life Clarity Publishing. Get your book in Barnes and Nobles stores, Amazon and more… We do you book design and write your story. Already over 20 books completed and out there!


Events – eZWay Events has done over 400 events, 250 red and gold carpets, we have over 100 affiliate relationships so there is never a shortage of stages and press. We also produce our own events consistently. eZWay Awards Golden Gala, eZWay Cares Fundraisers, STOP TOUR, Gold Stage, eZWay Exposure Explosion Summit to name a few.


We have produced and covered events at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, Macaroni Museum, Business Expo Center, San Diego Convention Center, Center Club Orange County, Universal Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel, The Hills Hotel to name a few. Regular affiliated events include, Speaking Empire, Rock Your Gift, Family Film Awards, City Gala, Spotlight Summit, Speakers Coalition Events, Women Of Global Change, Cays Group, Center Club Cares and other consistent weekly and monthly events, all our events can be reviewed on our events calendar ezwayevents.com


Magazine – Our magazine in going on its 7th issue and is a tri monthly magazine. We interview and feature some of the worlds top influencers which helps provide our subscribers with advice and guidance to grow their business and overall success. It is a entrepreneurial, entertainment and speaker based publication.


eZWay Tool Box – We offer a series of brand building tools to help you increase sales. eZWayFunnels.com is like putting, Godaddy, Paypal, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Mail Chimp and many other of your favorite sites all into 1 login. eZWayText is your best way to collect new database, phone #’s emails, names and be-able to reach out and mass text those people in separate categories with one click of a button. So Tell us is a review application that helps to rank you on the search engine and get your business stronger and higher rankings to you are more easily searched on the web.

The Film Hub in San Diego Visa Ca. Over 30,000 square feet building that provides work space a sound stage and production equipment for content creators. Studio facilities for shooting and editing. Lounge area with complete bar and food options.
Inspired Images Studios, The Film Hub
Club Life Magazine March April 2016 Featuring Member Lisa Caprelli Center Club Orange County
http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Center-Club-Orange-County Center Club Orange County is a division of Club Corp, a private executive business club where OC lead…


Center Club Orange County

Business Expo Center

Los Angeles Convention Center

Red Cross - Red Carpet


OVER 75 CAMERAS THIS CLIENT MADE $150,000 off our services


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