Jenny Mulks Ted X Stage Selected


eZWay Wall of Famer Jenny Mulks

What if when life hit you the hardest, there was someone there to pick you up and guide you?

Meet Jenny Mulks, Mom, TEDx Speaker, Cancer Coach, Survivor, International Author, Philanthropist, Advocate and Instructor

  • She is the Founder and CEO of Along Comes Hope® , nonprofit serving children with cancer by providing financial assistance for travel to treatment, emotional support programs, advocacy work on Capitol Hill, awareness and education. We have impacted several thousand children face cancer with hope since 2013 through the various services and programs we provide.
  • Her personal journey with cancer and surviving against all odds, inspired to her make a complete career and life change from the Corporate world as a Regional Manager in Pharmaceuticals to leaving the industry altogether and starting the nonprofit, Along Comes Hope® to serve children with cancer.
  • Her TEDx Talk, “Hold on to Hope”: Talks about the key elements Jenny lives her mission by going from Cancer to CAN-SERVE and….

⭐️ The Power of Hope
⭐️ The Impact of your Words
⭐️ The Importance of Purpose
⭐️ Being a Hope Maker
⭐️ Who’s in your circle?
⭐️ We CAN-SERVE together!!!

  • Her goal is to ensure that Patients and Caregivers do not struggle alone and views cancer as a “team sport”.
  • 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be affected by cancer causing a greater need for her” concierge style coaching” in order to improve outcomes and help them thrive through cancer. Her Cancer Coaching FB page is:
  • As a Cancer Coach to adults and caregivers, providing key resources, online classes, and guidance to help improve their quality of life during a cancer journey in order to thrive together. Every Caregiver Cancer Parent with Along Comes Hope has FREE access to these classes as part of the emotional support programs this charity offers.
  • She’s an Instructor at You Will Change The World. Here is her FREE Course for newly diagnosed patients and caregivers:


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