was born in Bay City, Michigan. I spent most of my elementary years in a small town named Standish. There was only one stop light in the entire town. A lot of my aunts and uncles and cousins still live there. My family and I then moved to Three Rivers Michigan where I continued middle school and high school where I graduated at 17. Growing up in a small town for me was more the reason to get out and do something exciting. First I attended western Michigan university to study psychology, but I was already bored. After only a year at Western I set off on my adventure.

I moved to the lake of the Ozarks, to St. Louis, back to the lake of the Ozarks, then to Phoenix then a couple other spots in Phoenix, then out to the greater LA area where I also explored the area a bit. I’m still not done exploring but as of right now I’m comfortable here in Long beach. I started studying acting back in middle school and high school but I was too shy and nervous to perform in front of my friends and family members. It wasn’t until I moved to St Louis that I really opened up. I went to John Robert Powers advanced school for acting and modeling. I really opened up there. The teachers explained that I had some legitimate talent and suggested I move to Los Angeles.

When I arrived in LA, it was quite a new challenge for me. Getting a regular job was no problem for me, I had been working since I was 13, But breaking into the business, I was alone and clueless. Somehow I managed to find a manager with in a month. An agent eventually found me (joint Venture Entertainment). I put myself into some classes at John Casablanca’s, then studied independently with Alex Feldman. I was then picked up by another Agency (Across The Board Talent). I booked the very first audition they sent me to. Followed by many more. Since then I’ve worked with Iris Klein, as well as Bobby Chance, and I still audition and work on sets as much as possible.

Along my journey I expressed and discovered multiple Talents. I’ve always been an artist but I picked up painting while living in LA, I had a handful of Art shows and have sold many of my works of Art. I Started walking runways and working as a model while living in Phoenix and recently I was featured on the cover of a magazine, Niquead Jewelry. Singing is a whole new Venture that has just recently found me, I think it is my favorite form of art to perform yet! I started a Band in February, we’ve done a couple performances and we are currently working on an Album. I am so excited to say Kaylee and the Js will be dropping there first Album by Christmas.

Regardless of what everyone tells me, I don’t have to pick one to be successful. I just have to have enough love for all of them to become noticed. I believe there is a reason to everything. Although to some it may seem a little crazy to keep up with so many endeavors, I believe all of what I’ve learn has only prepared me for something greater. I will continue to live and enjoy each moment and share the joys of all my art with the world. Thank you Ez way broadcasting for allowing me to do that.


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