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This weeks guest

Rosalyn Kahn 

Rosalyn Kahn brings nearly two decades of teaching and coaching the art of public speaking to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Rosalyn is an author of “Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World” published by Solutions Press and available on Amazon.

Rosalyn has recently been named the Israeli Ambassador for Arts and Peace. She envisions this as one of her greatest life achievements. Rosalyn spoke on the TEDx stage in a talk titled, “Language Comes to Life.” She has also coached numerous Tedx speakers. Last January, she spoke in Italy on her book Random Acts of Kindness and has received several invitations to return and speak in Italy and other international venues. Her business is Coaching and Professional Speaking where she teaches business learners. She’s recently been booked for two additional TEDx talks “Coming Around the Next Curve” Tedx Youth South Hills High School 12/12/15 and “Breaking Cultural Barriers” Tedx Youth Walnut 2/27/15.

Rosalyn has recently spoken at over 50 different organizations which includes, Beverly Hill Networking Group, Anglo American Bookstore Rome, Italy, Storytelling Club, So. CA Foster Family, Brentwood Library, Family Empowerment CA State Los Angeles, Southwest Manuscripters, and 12th Annual Children’s Festival, SCORE Senior Core of Retired Executives. She’s also working with clients in the hospitality, real estate, counseling, entertainment and athletes at major So. CA universities.

Rosalyn’s coaching to her clients is filled with passion and sincerity that brings even the humble individuals to shine. Her talks are known to motivate move and inspire others to great business success. Her webpage is located at Rosalyn’s goal in the future is to work in a foundation that provides education and learning for underserved population. Her greatest joy is helping those with the largest need and ensuring their highest success.

In the modeling fashion world her career has blossomed in 2015 where she began as fit Model for Kai Moon Fashions a tropical upscale wardrobe worn in Florida, following on that theme she was a model for the Tikki Festival held at the Egyptian Theatre. Lastly, she was a Crown Presenter for the Miss Asian Pacific and Public Speaking Coach. It is an honor to be here today.

All things human from a Baby Boomers perspective.


Reatha Grey from Betty Whites Off Their Rockers & James Zuley from Knights Of Columbus enjoy entertaining their listeners and giving sounds advice and information in entertainment, news and technology. With specific retirement advice given by Jims’s Gems, regarding the planning and securing your future. Reatha Grey makes sure to keep her fellow Baby Boomers up to date with social media and technology. You will get my unknown hidden retirement tips. A think and plan before you act scenario.





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Russ Regan (Music Legend)

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Angela Madsen

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