One SIM Card To Set You Free

Finally No More Monthly Mobile Bills!

Time Remaining to order your MCS Global Link enrollment with ecomobile SIM Card at the current introductory price of only $600!

5 Days, 3 hours 32 min and counting!!!

This offer has been made available for a limited time our introductory offer of talk, text, and data for $600 for 5 years, all the information on this current site is relevant to our introductory offer only. We are happy you have enjoyed the service and you will be upgraded to unlimited for 5 years.

Our future unlimited program will include SIM Cards that feature unlimited talk, text and data service for 5 years and for only $600 dollars. MCS Global Link will also offer stand-alone and bundled packages of our High-Quality AI Advanced Dimora Brand Phones that come with a 2-year warranty.

After December 1st there will be a price and plan adjustment to $600 for 5 years unlimited talk, data, and texting. If a one-time payment of $600 is not an option for you at this time, you can still get our unlimited 5-year service for only $185 down and $42.95 per month for 18 months.

All previous sold SIM Cards sold during the introductory phase of our program between June 1st to November 30th, 2018 will be upgraded to our unlimited 9-year talk, text and data plan at no additional cost.

Thank you for helping us grow and expand we are excited with our future partners to be announced in the next few weeks.


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