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Dr. Dante
The Global SOULutionist, Metaphysical Business Strategist
Dr. Danté Sears "The Global SOULutionist", is a serial entrepreneur, Real Estate Strategist, and ten-times certified Metaphysical Doctor. She is the founder of World Prosperity Network, Prosperity Coin, and Prosperibly, the Profit-Share Directory, as well as the COO of eZWay Network. Danté is the Host of Kiss and tell with Dante Sears, Shift Happens, and co-host of eZ Talk Live. She helps entrepreneurs reverse terminal, genetic, incurable disease, and dysfunction – in their life and business - in a process she calls “Dante’s Intervention”. She applies this holistic approach to organizations; transforming budding businesses into profitable brands. Danté is a heartpreneur; a entrepreneur that designs SOULutions to improve life for all humanity. Her show, Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears, focuses on relationships, including the relationship with yourself, the environment, work, romance, family, and health, and wealth - because "everything is a relationship". Checkout Dante's
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