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Empowerment & Transformation Consultant/Coach & Senior Managing Partner at HarmoniK Consulting
Known as The Walking Miracle Warrior & #HarmoniKTheCoach Empowerment & Transformation Consultant & Coach, Energy Master, Musician & Visionary, that has defied impossible odd"s many times over & helps others do the same. Brenton Tyler Hoffmann, is a student of Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Tim Zimmerman of SM3 Success & JT Foxx The Worlds #1 Wealth Coach, to name a few. Highly trained in the area of Personal development, Social dynamics, NLP and all around Human Psychology. He is a Natural born communicator and empath Not just a problem solver, moreover the ultimate solution finder. Mr Hoffman has helped many people from all lifestyles: from Teachers to CEO’S/entrepreneurs and everybody in-between heal from all types of sickness; d pain & even disease, as well as helping others see another perspective to overcome extremely challenging obstacles that got in their way. Brenton, came into the world sick from a rare blood infection, at the age of 7 he was Diagnosed Severe ADHD & Learning disabled, held back in kindergarden twice & Put in special education for his entire educational life. Survivor of horrific Child abuse and badly bullied and beat up by gangs and even had guns put in his face. & endured & suffered 30 years of debilitating depression & bone crushing anxiety. Throughout his life he has endured, & overcame Paralysis from the neck down after shattering his c6 vertebrae from a major car accident and miraculously walked away 12 hours later after the Doctors told him he would never walk again. He has Endured & survived one of worst cases of Gangrenous Appendicitis and peritonitis at the age of 26, battle with Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease for many years, suffered a TBI stroke at the age of 32, & almost died twice from "Hypokalemia" Low Potassium. Throughout his life, many friends of his have died, lost the love of his life twice, countless job loss and relationships gone bad, & been ridiculed and betrayed by people that mattered most. One night he was dying in his bed and when he thought things couldnt get any worse, they did..He lost his Home & lived in his car in the freezing cold living out of a suitcase for nearly 500 days. However, nothing could stop him from living his dream. So during that time, he dedicated his time to working on his heart and mind while paying it forward feeding the Homeless while Homeless, even sharing his meals with them while getting to know their stories.  Being Homeless was the turning point of his life. It was right there in that moment —homeless and all alone that Brenton decided enough was enough and there had to be more to life, than a life of suffering. Through his relentless perseverance, persistence, and patience he kept going not even death could stop him. Eventually, he turned his life around & Got a new home, wen't from terible credit to tier one, Met his amazing success coach, & learned how to eliminate disempowering beliefs from his subconscious mind. Shortly after working with his coach he reconnected with his mother and brother after years of not seeing eachother after an unfortunate event and started to properly brand & buid his consulting & coaching company while helping others have success in all areas of their lives. Through all the hardships he still became an award-winning skateboarder, Gymnast, professional Aggressive-Inline-Skater, professional Musician- Guitarist/pianist, Celebrity Hip-Hop recording artist, Magician/Illusionist, TV co-host, Actor, sales expert, Master Energy Healer, and professional networker. Featured in the Examiner! Wire Image, AP associated press, Getty images, Exposay, Star Pulse. Brenton Tyler Hoffmann was asked by JT Foxx The Worlds #1 Wealth Coach to have his Success story featured in JT's new Amazon Best Selling book. JT Foxx's Success Stories "Results Don't Lie" Brenton's Life Purpose & mission is to inspire as many people as humanly possible, to keep going no matter what, & help others find & live their true purpose, & continue to create a Ripple Effect & hopes that the Ripple effect lives on way after he is gone. No matter what your current circumstance or situation is, there is always a way out of what you are stuck in and I can show you exactly how to set yourself free from the nightmare you are living in.
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