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Founder of the High Performance Success Summit on its 5th year. Partner of High Performance Success TV
Jason Burke is Creator and Executive Producer of the High Performance Success Summit. Jason has promoted and produced over 100 real estate and business events since 2010. He has worked with some top companies in event space including MPAC Wealth A Fortune 500 company, Powerteam International one top Business education companies, Realty 411 Magazine one top Real Estate Magazine and Real Estate Expo companies in the United States, Noteworthy Convention, Daven Michaels 123 Employee and David Fagan’s Icon Media to name a few. Jason has done events ranging Reia meetings, Real Estate and Business Workshops , Real Estate and Business Seminars one, two and three day events. Five Real Estate Expos and Entrepreneurs Wealth Camps and Conferences. Jason has got over thousand plus people attend his events since 2010.
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