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CEO & Founder of Along Comes Hope®
eZWay Network Blog Pst https://ezwaybroadcasting.com/jennymulks/ Jenny Mulks is a cancer coach, TEDx speaker, international author, advocate, philanthropist, humanitarian, cancer survivor, thriver and a mom! She is the Founder and CEO of Along Comes Hope®, a nonprofit organization helping families of children with cancer. Their mission is to provide support through financial assistance with travel for treatment, creative emotional support programs for the entire family, advocacy work on Capitol Hill to promote policy changes, and awareness and education programs nationally and within local communities. Along Comes Hope® has impacted thousands of families in the vast arena of their four pillars of influence. Their overall goal is to ensure that no family faces cancer alone nor has to choose affordability over survivability, when it comes to the wellbeing and life, of their precious child. As a cancer coach, Jenny has been mentoring cancer patients and caregivers since 2007, after she faced a rare and aggressive cancer, giving her only 6-12 months left to live. She has been thriving against many odds ever since and is living cancer free, for nearly 12 years now. Jenny’s prior career was in the pharmaceutical industry as a regional business manager and sales representative, with over 14 years experience. Her background focused on business development and execution within the medical industry and specialized in multiple disease states and departments; surgical, anesthesia, paralytics, pain management, CNS, depression, anxiety, psychosis, respiratory, COPD, asthma, institutional and hospital. She held various roles within her positions with a concentrated focus on leadership, implementation, motivating, training and supervising sales teams. Jenny has also collaborated with executive leadership teams and peers working on cross-functional corporate initiatives while serving on advisory boards, commercial operations, brand team, marketing, operational analytics and sales training. After her cancer challenge and surviving against the odds, the mission to help the most vulnerable victims of cancer , the children, was placed upon her heart. She left a successful career in the corporate pharmaceutical world to launch a nonprofit serving children with cancer, as well as mentor others how to work through a cancer journey into a “Can-Serve” journey, by being in service of others, of self and sharing the gift of hope. She launched a new mission, career and life perspective of serving others. Jenny created online courses for patients and caregivers called, “We Can-Serve Together: Thriving Through Cancer”. These courses provide guidance to cancer patients and caregivers, serving as a liaison between the practitioners and patients. This mentorship is helping them make emotional shifts in order to thrive during their cancer journey, align their mind and soul with their body, ensuring their journey is focused on thriving through this challenge and beyond. She is an inspiring speaker for diverse audiences bringing your from laughter to tears, on the subjects of resilience and hope, in the face of adversity during life’s challenges. She’s inspired thousands to face their obstacles with new insight, perspective and hope. Look for her 3 books launching in 2019: -“The Hope Maker: Encouragement, Inspiration and Healing for Those Struggling to Find Hope” -“Connect: How to Love and Accept Yourself After Divorce” - (Endorsed by Jack Canfield) -“We Can-Serve Together: Thriving Through Cancer”
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