I have kind of a cool story in that I moved out of my parents house when I was 13 and have been on my own since. I had a tumultuous youth growing up in and out of Juvenile Hall, getting my GED there and eventually turning 18 in CYA  (California Youth Authority) or as it was referred to back then “Gladiator School” when I got out of Juvenile Hall at 18 i went and got a job in the mail room of large fast growing company. Fortunately I excelled at everything I did so I was quickly promoted to customer service, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, sales management and eventually became a brand manager for a retail vitamin line which I got into Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Savon, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. The business had a 6 year trend of negative (18%) annual growth. In my first year as brand manager I reversed that annual sales decline and brought it back to a positive 3% growth. A 21% swing in one year with no marketing dollars. I rebranded the entire line all labels and products, I changed the labels and bottles sizes to be more visible on the shelf and I put a gold seal in the top corner of each label that was EN seal of approval. I rewrote and updated all of the technical literature and then I went on the road and did trainings in all the major stores teaching  the sales clerks about nutrition and the Ethical Nutrients retail vitamin line.

Margaret Avery, Academy nominated for best supporting actress in Steven Spielberg’s film adaption of Alice Walker’s prize-winning novel, “The Color Purple,” is the special guest on Carmelita’s Corner Monday June 25, 2018. The stage and screen know her well. Her starring roles include films “Cool Breeze”, “Which way is Up?,” and more. She also co-starred in a comedic performance as Annie Mae, wife of Richard Pryor’s character in “Which Way is Up?” But we shall save more credits to be revealed in her interview after 10:20 a.m. following Radio Boomers Live hosted by Jim Zuley and Reatha Grey of Betty White’s Off Your Rocker 10:00 a.m. on eZWay Broadcasting network. Call 1-914-338-1303 to hear the show.



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