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Dr. Danté Sears “The Global SOULutionist”, is a serial entrepreneur and ten-times certified Metaphysical Doctor. She is the founder of World Prosperity Network, SEARS X, Prosperibly, the Profit-Share Directory, as well as the COO of eZWay Network. Danté is the Host of Kiss and tell with Dante Sears, Shift Happens, and co-host of eZ Talk Live.  She helps entrepreneurs and executives reverse terminal, genetic, and incurable disease in their lives and businesses in a process she calls “Dante’s Intervention”.  She applies this holistic approach to organizations; transforming surviving and emerging businesses into profitable brands.

A former actress/model, Dantè appeared around the world on the bottles of Big Sexy Hair Products for over 12 years and in commercials on WB Network. She now creates lifestyle products, brands, and services for widespread prosperity and well-being. Her newest venture, DanteBella Crystal Therapy Stone Jewelry is bringing the metaphysics of balanced energy to the stage, workplace, and formal events. DanteBella combines the beauty of natural materials like stone, crystal, shell, wood, and metal to balance the mind, calibrate the body, ground your energy, and invigorate your soul – helping you perform at your best in every moment. You can learn more at D a n t e B e l l a . c o m

The lovely Gail Gibson , producer of the upcoming Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards to be held Feb. 15 at the Beverly Hilton is the special guest on Carmelita’s Corner Monday Feb. 4, 2019. She is a woman of achievement herself and is continuing the legacy of Jarvee Hutcherson who founded the event and left it in her care. She did a spectacular job of producing it last year at the Palomar Hotel, Beverly Hills. Call 1-914-338-1303 after 10:20 a.m. to hear her following Radio Boomers Live hosted by Jim Zuley and Reatha Grey of Betty White’s Off Your Rocker which airs 10:00 a.m. on eZWay Broadcasting. Visit for info about the Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards photo by Hamrozalli AK


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