I have created New Life Clarity Project because I love the human experience. I am an editor and a published author and love to share my insights with others about all kinds of topics that have to do with pain and suffering full of recovery and serenity. I also am a motivational coach and speaker and offer service wherever I can. I wish to provide the opportunity to others to explore the possibilities because they are endless. We all have an infinite worth and ability to make a difference in the world. I am just crazy enough to believe that I will change the world one piece at a time with the contributions and gifts I have to offer the world in this lifetime. I believe we are all divinely created for success and greatness and I aspire to share and provide the gifts that bring others to their highest potential. See me at my website for more information atwww.invisalia1.wix.com/nlcp

Pattie Sadler

Dr. Holly Fire Meade is married to the love of her life and has been for 29 years, is a mother of four adult children and four grandchildren. Her favorite hobbies are gardening, decorating, horseback riding and changing people’s lives! She is a Bob Proctor Consultant and Facilitator to the top 2 Elite Programs in the company. By trade Holly is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Health, a Certified Natural Health Professional, an Iridologist, a certified Footzonoligist, a Tai Chi and Chi Gong Instructor, and a Certified Digestive Health Professional.  Dr. Holly is the Owner of Paradigm Consultant Group LLC.  She is a teacher of some of the most powerful human development and personal breakthrough information practically unknown by most of the public for changing paradigms and negative programming in the subconscious mind.
These methods have been studied by the most prestigious universities in the world.  This new mind science works in every area of a person’s life i.e. relationships, finances, health and mind.  Using the ‘Thinking Into Results’ Program along with natural health attitudes, individuals can experience life changing results that become permanent.

Holly Fire Mead

King James Brown is a local sensation also billed as “Mr Excitement”.   His show is a tribute to the late and great Godfather of Soul James Brown (May 3, 1933-Dec 25, 2006).  King James Brown’s voice, demeanor, style on stage evoke the essence of the original, thrilling his audiences who are pleased to get another chance to enjoy the legend live.   Popular round and about he and his beautiful lady Jacnique Nina will perform their new release, “Midnight Maneuvers” produced by the hitmaker Preston Glass in Las Vegas June 22 & 23. Visit Facebook.com/The 1 and Only King to learn more.

King James Brown


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