Radio Boomer Live is a fun filled insightful podcast hosted by Knights of Colombus member radio host James Zuley and TV and film star Reatha Grey known for Betty Whites Off Their Rockers formally on NBC and Lifetime

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The show features insightful news, reviews and interviews with interesting guests.

This weeks guests are Pepper Jay Performance skills expert and founder of Actors Reporter and award winning Musician John Michael Ferrari

On Carmelita’s Corner we have musician Barbara Cordova

Barbara Joy Cordova is a singer, songwriter and novelist. She is the author of Mission of the Artist which is a book, music album and a musical. Though a fiction story, it contains a lot of truth and emphasizes the importance of the artist to society. Barbara is also the founder of Artists for a Better World – a group of artists who have united to create a better world through aesthetics and the support of top social betterment groups. They do events and projects in the community to support artists, and to uplift others through the arts, and are building a network of artists who share their aims.


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