Featured Guest: Billy Moore

Archie Moore was a boxing legend. He was the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world from December 1952 to May 1962, the longest reign of his weight class. Archie won 185 of 219 recorded fights, with 131 of those victories by knockouts.

Archie was more than a boxer; he was a visionary who predicted a violent drug and gang epidemic that would trouble our nation. He proposed a simple solution: prevention. With this idea in mind, the Any Boy Can Youth Foundation was formed (later renamed Any Body Can Youth Foundation). Archie used the lure of boxing to instill discipline, respect and other positive values into the lives of youth to prevent them from falling into dangerous lifestyles.

Archie passed away in 1998 and passed the torch to his son, Billy Moore, who now serves as the President of the foundation. Though much has changed since the beginning in 1957, the mission remains the same: to empower San Diego’s inner-city youth to step off in life with their best foot forward, without cowardice but with courage and dignity.

Carmelita’s Corner Guests: Tehrah Love

Tehrah is a multi-award-winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, and dynamic
performer, with sounds of Gospel, Country, Rock, and R&B, with a soulful style
unto itself.
Formally known as Tammy Taylor, and the “Rock Queen of Texas”, she opened
for Grammy winning acts such as Joan Jett, Eddie Money, Natalie Merchant,
Jimmy Buffett and more.
She’s been recognized with multiple Grammy Nomination Considerations, LA
Music Awards, Producers Choice Awards, Women's Leadership and
Humanitarian Awards, and most recently was awarded, “Female Vocalist of the
Year” at the 2018 Arts for Peace Awards.
Both triumphant and painful, Tehrah’s life hasn’t been easy; yet it’s given her a
heart of deep compassion that’s felt in her music, and raw, stirring performances.
For the past 10 years, Tehrah has served on the front-lines with Global Change
Makers – where she is fondly known as “The Goddess Voice” and “The
Messenger” in her philanthropic endeavors.
Tehrah’s award-winning singles: “In God’s Time,” “Just Like My Child,” “Prodigal
Son,” “Phoenix Rising,” and “In the Raw” reflect a new genre of music that
convey a universal message of love, compassion and grace.


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