President/Founder Southern Barter Club

Do you want to be apart of a barter trade business network where you don’t have to pay for things you can do business in trade? Reach over 50,000 business owners!

With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Laurie Sossa, will lead you to an abundance of connections providing you with tools and resources to solve strategic issues, gain new insights while achieving business growth. Laurie works through a diverse network of partners worldwide that deliver only the best results. Laurie’s unique expertise and vast network will open a world of resources to generate growth, create new revenue streams, build brand, product and cause awareness generating exposure with just the right visibility.

Laurie will help you leverage resources, assets, relationships and will build alliances and partnerships through causes and connections.  Laurie views every client as a partner and to her, success is measured on the positive lasting impression that remains on the minds of her clients.

Wall of Fame Members


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