Steve Harvey’s Charity Ride
Photo courtesy of Danny Feld NBC

Embark on an epic journey with Steve Harvey, as he Rides for Charity and broadcasts live this powerful campaign for 4 weeks to raise money and awareness for thousands of fatherless youth across the country.

Steve Harvey world re-known actor, mentor and talk show host is doing a 4 weeks charity ride campaign to support fatherless children and provide outreach and provide mentorship to our youth.

eZWay Broadcasting is in full support of this program and campaign that Steve Harvey is promoting.

on 04-08-2016 our @eZWaybroadcast Founder/CEO @EricZuley had a tweet conversation and support session with @IamSteveHarvey in regards to this cause.


Eric Zuley was asked to come on board to help by Whelen Series Nascar Driver Racer Flash. Eric Zuley being # 7 Top Ten Twitter Influencer by Weekly Billboard and the New Age Digital Dick Clark by Cold Heat News will be tweeting all is top level influencers and verified accounts to get onboard and support this campaign. We ask that any Eric Zuley or #eZWay supporters get onboard and either donate to the link at the top of this post or help to raise awareness by retweeting or sharing. Steve Harvey has proven that he is very passionate about cause and Eric Zuley & his team is in full support along side with Kevin Heart, George Lopez, Charlamage and more.

Current Donations 

Watch the charity ride and how it works


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