Adding to her repertoire, ten years after the loss of Nicole, Tanya suffered a mental breakdown; and as a result, she has made a personal commitment to speak on the issues of how to overcome adversity and promote self-care strategies to help navigate through stress for overall wellbeing. She encourages her audiences to find peace amid daily chaos and learn the tools for integrating self-care for a life of optimal wellness. She has become a nationally recognized author, speaker and life coach who uses the lessons from her experience with Nicole and her own suicide attempt to help others cope with life’s challenges. Tanya takes her life experience to audiences nationwide as a compelling motivational speaker who brings that experience to bear on her coaching practice. Her story makes it clear that you can overcome any adversity with the willingness to ask for help.

” Finding Peace Amid the Chaos provides the reader with heart-felt stories and solutions for dealing with major life challenges and daily challenges. When you apply the lessons and strategies woven throughout the chapters, you will experience more peace of mind and calmness when life throws a curve ball. “

-Dr. John Spencer Ellis, Executive Producer, TheCompass, Founder, Wexford University

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