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eZWay Business Membership Terms and Conditions

eZWay Broadcasting, Inc. is a promotional marketing and PR Firm that consults, positions, and markets its clients. eZWay Network, eZWay TV, and eZWay Promotions are subsidiary branches of eZWay Broadcasting, Inc. eZWay Business Membership is a twelve (12) month commitment, renewed on an annual basis, and non-refundable after the first 30 days of annual commencement. eZWay Business Membership is perpetual and will renew every year at the then current rate. Cancellations must be in writing 30 days prior to cancellation date to wrap up any services in process.  Any Cancellations must be submitted before service(s) commence. All payments are non-refundable and credited to consumer as eZWay Points in your account at eZWayNetwork.com. eZWay Points are exchangeable for many eZWay services of equal or lesser value. No refunds will be issued for services rendered and partial services in progress. Should you need to request revisions or changes, please contact us via email at eZWayBroadcasting@gmail.com.

Exchanges and Returns valid before services commence. Any unused eZWay Points will remain in user’s account and are transferable and applicable to eZWay Services.

eZWay’s services promote, create awareness, and help build your business platform. No guarantees are expressed herein regarding sales closing ratios, which is the responsibility of the member’s company and sales team. Sales and revenue from promotions are the responsibility of the client. eZWay Network nor any of its divisions are responsible for sales and conversion. However, eZWay Network strides to do our very best to help our clients attract revenue. Our job is to get our clients more awareness, more credibility, brand expansion knowledge and business growth via our savvy business-to-business introductions and social media marketing. eZWay is not responsible for the result of any 3rd party action(s), introduction(s), or referrals (such as B2C, B2M, B2B, etc.), as the results and outcome is at the discretion and responsibility of each of the the connected/introduced parties.

By making this payment client agrees to all terms and conditions. If client is late on any payments, there is a 10 day grace period and then a $29.99 dollar late fee will be applied to the member’s account.

As the nature of our services is proprietary, Customer agrees to settle any and all disputes privately through eZWay Customer Service and the executive chain of command.