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Adapted to a Television Series, REEL: The Les is More Story will Explore the High Powered Talent Mogul, the REAL Les Grossman

Tom Cruise’s character in Tropic Thunder, Les Grossman is simply brilliant.”

Tom Cruise’s “Les Grossman” from the Movie Tropic Thunder

Comes to life in new TV series: REEL: THE LES IS MORE SHOW

This new TV series will explore the life of high-powered producer talent mogul,

the Real Les Grossman. Producer Les Grossman and Executive Producer Robert Taleghany are excited to announce the TV pilot "REEL: The Les Is More Show" is in development. Creation of this series was inspired
by Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the over the top concert/movie producer Les Grossman. Tropic Thunder starring Tom Cruise, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Matthew McConaughey among others was produced by Ben Stiller and released August 13, 2008. Tom Cruise’s character, Les Grossman is brilliantly portrayed,” said the real life Les Grossman. The historical real-time genesis of the character is at age 21 (May 25, 1969 a few months prior to
Woodstock) in Columbia, Maryland. Real Les Grossman made US rock and roll history by co-billing Led Zeppelin and the Who on the same concert stage the only time that happened in the USA. People to this day claim that show as the greatest concert of their life per Led Zeppelin & #website. Les also co-created (with super guitarist Ron Culbertson and score director of this
project) country rock band Tractor. That instant superstar group did the soundtrack for David Lynch’s first American Film Institute movie Grandmother. Les Grossman, Ron Culbertson and David Lynch were fraternity brothers during their school boy days. Tropic Thunder is the iconic movie about actors involved in the making of a big-budget war movie. While filming on set in Thailand, they inadvertently get entangled with real life terrorists instead of other actors. Tom Cruise portrays the intense, somewhat overweight, profanity- spewing, balding producer Les Grossman. In this series, real Les Grossman plays himself as Dad of mogul Les Grossman.
The man with the moves, super Jewish rapper Eitan G, is casted as mogul Les Grossman. Best friend superstar Rabbi Weiss’s amazingly talented son actor Mo Weiss is the school kid, 21-year old Les Grossman. Gorgeous Jennette McCurdy is in mind for the lead female role. While super television stars Robert Leeshock, DB Sweeney and film star, Australian heartthrob Marco De Rango are candidates for supporting male roles. Four-time Oscar nominated David Lynch is in mind to play himself in a future episode with the goal of finally winning an Emmy. In the meantime, the role of David at age 17 is still open. While, but of course, there’s an open invitation for Tom Cruise to do a walk-on.
The pilot is a carefully executed combination of faction and fiction. Thus, historical facts and events are cleverly fused with imagined ones. Such analogy and reality complement the show’s
goal of subliminally improving the world. This project has a promising premise with its philosophy of perpetual betterment.
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