Hello Marneen Lynne Fields. I am looking forward to the release of your two new books about your amazing life, entitled:

 “ True Marneen Lynne Fields Story,” & Your Filmography, “Rolling with the Punches”.

Let me say that I know other stunt actors and I have yet to meet any, and I mean any that were ever willing to do 3 story high falls, which you specialized in during your remakable career—-quite dangerous! In fact, few would dive head first 25 feet into shallow Ocean water at low tide to perform sensational under water fight scenes on one breath of air as you did on screen, in the hit TV series, starring Patrick Duffy in, “The Man from Atlantis.”
1. My first question deals with faith Marneen. Is it that your faith protects you from fear? Or, is it that you have so much confidence in your athletics, honed by years of nationally competitive competition in gymnastics where you shone as the number 1 Class One advanced all-around champion gymnast at Utah State University from 1973-1976? Or is it, due to overcoming near death from a harrowing near fatal car accident that you no longer fear death?
WOW Maurice! That is such a great question. Special thanks to Eric Zuley for featuring me on his blog. I had a great time appearing on his “Baby Boomers” radio show with his father and Reatha Grey a couple of years ago. In response to this question Maurice I’d have to go with your second item. I was a champion all-around athlete and All Star since elementary school. I was incredibly challenged to push my athletic and gymnastics skills to the limit everyday. For instance, I didn’t do one walkover or back extension on the balance beam, I did thousands. The same today when trying to be the best singer or actress I can be. I agree with Stanislavski, “Application of talent is what makes you great.” I never missed a workout those years, it never entered my mind to skip it on any given day. I have a great deal of discipline and a strong focus thanks to some great coaches. Always competing with myself, striving to be the best I can be.
2. Your career has had its ups and down but being called “Hollywood’s Original Fall Girl” had to have been something that really filled you with pride yes? Can you expound on how it made you feel and why?—- YOU HAVE appeared in 100 film and TV shows Marneen Fields!!                         imdb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0276312
It blew my mind as all unexpected recognition can. One day I was asked to meet a group of stuntman from the Stuntman’s Associatio for lunch at a restaurant when stunt coordinator, Bill Catching pulled out a personalized Fall Girl license plate for my new blue Ford Mustang. The gentlemen presented me with the license plate, and Bill attached it to me car saying, “Marneen, you earned this. You are Hollywood’s Fall Girl.” It was a gift from him and The Stuntman’s Association. Everyone started calling me The Fall Girl. One day Bill called and said he and Mickey Gilbert were scouting locations and they saw me drive by, and the said, “There goes Hollywood’s Fall Girl.” I want to mention I received this recognition from these great men because of the high falls, high dives, and high jumps I had performed on Film and TV shows, not because of my work as a stunt woman and stunt-actress on “The Fall Guy” TV series.
3.Your career is too incredible to fit all of the myriad of possible questions, fun and bad but do you feel that the dark serendipidously cruel accident that almost killed you, was indeed a “blessing” from God? strange as it may seem, it propelled you into music, which you have always loved but were too busy working on over 100 films, and doing death defying stunts to pursue it: It is written that most blessings don’t intially appear to be blessings. How do you feel about that?
I agree completely Maurice, and That’s exactly what my “Chartwheels & Halos” book is about. Finding my true calling in the wake of my childhood dreams after terrible tragedy and loss. All I’ve ever wanted to be in life is a famous singer, but acting has always been a huge part of my life too.
Also, you have been at the top of most internet music blues, pop, and other categories since you started this ferocious award winning musical journey, what new songs are coming out and which songs best depict how you feel about life, love, God, and your mom? it is a lot but I haven’t seen anyone ask you these questions before!
So great Maurice! You rock! I’m an Adult Contemporary pop-rock artist, and sometimes Alternative artist. Each of my songs are written about personal experiences I’ve had that have touched me on a heartfelt level both positively and negatively. What I love most is when fans compliment my rich and passionate vocals saying I have a soulful sound that sounds like a real person, not an over processed voice. I’ve written a few songs about God and how Christianity saved my life and made me a better person. My new single “Standing Ovation! You’re the Star!” Is composed in a Berlin techno style and really worth a listen. I highly recommend my CD on CD Baby, “I’ve Never Ever Stopped Loving You.” It’s fantastic, each song produced by a famous record producer like Stuart Epps of early Elton John and Led Zepplin fame.
4. Tell us about the Action on film Festival and your 2017 selections?
My “Johnny Hawk’s, I’m Gonna Be a Hollywood Stuntman” was nominated in the Best Children’s Film/Young Dult Category.” It’s the title track to a screenplay I’ve written that won LA Comedy Awards Most Outstanding Comedy Script.” The film is about a young Metis who leaves his small town neighbors or North Dakota to move to Hollywood, California to become a Hollywood Stuntman. I was on hand for the Legendary Stunt Awards and executive producer, Del Weston called me to the stage where I talked about the project and my career. It was an awesome moment. The Action on Film Festival AOF is one of the top contests in the world.
By: Maurice Dwayne Smith 


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